Re: [ecasound] Possible bug in the setting cs-set-length...?

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Mar 09 2008 - 13:44:26 EET


On Fri, 27 Jul 2007, Keith Creasy wrote:

> I have found a pattern to the trouble I'm having with sending clips from an
> input file to an output file. What I am doing is setting the position of the
> input file and the length of the output using "ai-setpos" and
> "cs-set-length". The first iteration works, I'm asking for 30 seconds of the
> input file from 0 - 30 seconds and do get 30 seconds of the input file in
> the output file. I then change the amplification and ask for the next 8.823
> seconds. I was getting about 21 seconds instead and realized that it was
> about 30 - 8.823, which doesn't seem like the way it should work.

doesn't sound right, but it's difficult to determine where this goes
wrong. Could you send the actual sequence of commands you used?

Br, Kai

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