Re: [ecasound] Question about loops

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Mar 09 2008 - 11:08:23 EET


On Tue, 20 Nov 2007, Rémi R wrote:

> I'm building a Multiband Limitter for FM transmitter with ecasound.
> With ctest2.ecs :
> -z:mixmode,sum -f:24,2,96000 \
> -a:IN -f:24,2,96000 -i alsahw,0,0 -o loop,1 -o loop,2 -o loop,3 \
> -a:LOW -f:24,2,96000 -i loop,1 -el:bandpass_iir,1500,3000,2
> -el:fastLookaheadLimiter,0,-0.5,0.060 \
> -a:MED -f:24,2,96000 -i loop,2 -el:bandpass_iir,7500,7000,2
> -el:fastLookaheadLimiter,0,-4,0.050 \
> -a:HIG -f:24,2,96000 -i loop,3 -el:bandpass_iir,14000,6000,2
> -el:fastLookaheadLimiter,0,-12,0.030 \
> -a:LOW,MED,HIG -f:16,2,96000 -o stdout
> What I want to do is to spleet the output of chain 'IN' to the 3 chains
> 'LOW' 'MED' 'HIG'.

You can achieve this without using loop objects:

  -a:LOW,MED,HIG -f:24,2,96000 -i alsahw,0,0

And then modify the LOW/MED/HIG chains:

  -a:LOW -f:24,2,96000 -el:bandpass_iir,1500,3000,2

.. and so forth. So what happens is that the audio captured from the
soundcard routed to three chains (LOW+MED+HIG). All of these chains have
different effects. At the end, the chains are summed up and written to
standard output.

> I know the rule :
> 1 chain has one input and one output and how to write "-o loop,1,2,3" ?
> I tried manny things and nothing works...

Yes, the trick is to specify multiple chains with "-a:X,Y,Z" which causes
a single input/output to be routed to multiple chains. This is the "core
routing mechanism" of ecasound.

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