Re: [ecasound] Audio::Ecasound

From: Brad Bowman <list@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Dec 16 2007 - 13:54:04 EET

> I'm having trouble building the Audio::Ecasound module, and I can't get
> a hold of Brad Bowman regarding my problem.

Which version of ecasound do you have installed there?

I can replicate this failure with ecasound 2.4.4
(which I had lying around in /usr/local/). See here for
details on a bug effecting Audio::Ecasound:

The bug.c attachment or in the second message could
be used to check if this is applies to your environment.

> t/ecasound......1/46 Number found where operator expected at
> t/ecasound.t line 99, near "cs_set_length 7"
> (Do you need to predeclare cs_set_length?)
> syntax error at t/ecasound.t line 99, near "cs_set_length 7"

If the inc-cmd-list output is corrupted by the bug then
a "cs_set_length" wrapper won't be created.

Try upgrading ecasound and it's headers to 2.4.5,
(I also ran make realclean and ldconfig for good measure).

Let me know if that fixes the problem, if it does, I'll put
raise the minimum ecasound version to 2.4.5.


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