[ecasound] dj scratch emulation

From: Jin|Cinemasports <jin@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Dec 16 2007 - 07:43:20 EET

I'm new to ecasound, and I'm wondering if someone can suggest a better
way to automate a dj scratching emulation than my current method. I have
something working, but it requires a lot of disk i/o, and it's slow.
Right now, I define a very short sample of an audio file that I
successively append to an output file with a varying pattern of short
pauses between them. I also mix some dj record scratching sounds during
this sections to make it sound like a dj is scratching the sample. Right
after the scratch section, I append the continuing audio so it sounds
like a dj "let the record go."

The important thing is that the pauses between the sample need to vary
to sound syncopated so I can't just use a continuous loop which sounds
like a broken record.

I have tried various combinations of chains, loops, and .ewf files with
some problems. Perhaps the problems stem from that fact that the input
is always the same short sample of 1 audio file, and I'm trying to mix
it multiple times to an output.

Can anyone suggest a good approach that would require less writing to a
file and perform better?


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