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From: Stuart Allie <Stuart.Allie@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Sep 18 2007 - 02:21:05 EEST

Hi Sara,

This is almost certainly due to bugs I put in the ctrl-select and
ctrlp-select functions when I first wrote that code :(

I sent a fix to Kai that made it into 2.4.5 so an upgrade to that
version or later should fix it.

Sorry about that.


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Hi All,

I'm using ecasound in interactive mode from a c program via
I have a chainsetup with a ladspa multiband eq that is attached to some
controllers. I have pasted some code below. This works and sounds
fine but when I try to select a controller with ctrl-select to change
its value the program always seems to crash.

  eci_command("c-add pink1");
  eci_command("ai-add null");
  eci_command("ao-add jack_generic,pink1");
  eci_command("cop-add -el:tap_pinknoise");

  //pink noise eq
  eci_command("cop-add -el:mbeq");

  eci_command("ctrl-add -kos:6,-70,30,1,0.5");
  eci_command("ctrl-add -kos:7,-70,30,.12,0");
  //jack connect and ecasound start stuff here

All fine up to now, ecasound connects and starts without problem,
program continues...

Later in the program when I try to change controller values with these

eci_command("c-select pink1");
eci_command("ctrl-select 6"); //select controller band 6

Ecasound and jack die at the "ctrl-select' command.
I've printed out "ctrl-status" and it looks like the controllers are
present and running normally.
Anyone know why this would be happening?

Ecasound version is: ecasound v2.4.4

Thanks so much.

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