Re: [ecasound] Ecasound LADSPA parameters floating-point parameters rounded to integer.

From: Rémi R <untruclong.durabombarder@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Aug 25 2007 - 19:05:16 EEST


Thank for your answer.

Kai Vehmanen a écrit :
> I suspect this is a locale issue. You are probably using a locale
> (French I presume) where comma (,) is used as a decimal separator, not
> period (.). Normally this doesn't confuse ecasound (POSIX locale is
> used), but when using localized LADSPA plugins (or other dynamically
> loaded code which calls setlocale()), situation changes and many things
> will break as ecasound relies on locale-aware system functions to do the
> string-to-float conversions. And of course, due to ecasound's option
> syntax, using commas for decimals is just not possible (as commas are
> used to separate operator parameters).
> For example all the LADSPA plugins from swh-plugins are localized and
> call setlocale(). I'll add Steve to the cc-list. I'm not entirely sure
> how polite it is to modify the locale in plugins/libraries, as the
> client application might want to use a specific locale and will be
> surprised when dynamically loaded code changes process wide settings.
> Steve, any comments...? :)
> As a quick fix, you can launch ecasound with:
> LC_NUMERIC=POSIX ecasound -i foo.wav ...

Yes it Works Well.

I found an other way to quick fix this issue by writing parameters in
"scientific mode" (E notation) so
0.315 is written 315E-3

> Hmm, but this should really be fixed in future Ecasound releases. I now
> committed a patch to CVS that forces the locale to POSIX in functions
> that parse ecasound option syntax. This adds some overhead, but is
> probably worth it to to avoid these problems. This patch will be in the
> 2.4.6 release.

Thank's a lot for good you work.


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