[ecasound] ecasound,jack,lame and processing finished problem

From: Karol Zapolski <karol@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Aug 21 2007 - 17:04:33 EEST


I'm using ecasound with jack server on maudio 1010lt card
First I start jack server with jack -d alsa command, then
I start ecasound :
ecasound \
   -a:1 -i jack_alsa -a:1 -f:32,1,44100 -o audio1.mp3 \
   -a:2 -i jack_alsa -a:2 -f:32,1,44100 -o audio2.mp3 \
   -a:3 -i jack_alsa -a:3 -f:32,1,44100 -o audio3.mp3 \
   -a:4 -i jack_alsa -a:4 -f:32,1,44100 -o audio4.mp3

then I connect jack with ecasound :
jack_connect alsa_pcm:capture_3 ecasound:in_2
jack_connect alsa_pcm:capture_4 ecasound:in_3
jack_connect alsa_pcm:capture_5 ecasound:in_4
jack_connect alsa_pcm:capture_6 ecasound:in_5

I do 1h recording then I kill ecasound and lame processes

but sometimes ecasound or lame stops in the middle of the hour and on
console i get :
[* Controller/Batch processing finished (0) *]

when I type ps ax I still see lame and ecasound processes but no cpu
load at lame proceses and audio*.mp3 files are not growing...

Has anyone experienced it? is there any solution for that?

I'm using ecasound v2.4.6.1, jackd 0.103.0 and LAME 64bits version 3.97
on FC7 with 2.6.21-1.3194.fc7 kernel...

Karol Zapolski

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