[ecasound] Mixing lots of audio clips - midi-to-wav style...

From: Jonas Nyström <jonasnys@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Jul 07 2007 - 00:09:02 EEST


I need to create a solution where I can dynamically create a wav/mp3 from
wav clips, comparable to a midi-to-wave solution. Before starting coding,
maybe someone could give me feedback on the following:

Let's say I have
1. Wav-samples of the separate notes of a piano (let's say the keys c, d, e,
f, g, a, each one of them recorded at full length)
2. Music information comparable to a midi file (let's say "Twinkle, twinkle
little star") (Please note that I'm not interrested in a ready-made
midi-to-wave solution like Timidity, I want to have full control myself..!)

I then want to use the music information to dynamically build a wav/mp3
using the separate piano samples. The "pseudo-code" for "Twinkle" would be
something like this:

c.wav offset:0sec length:1sec - "Twink - "
c.wav offset:1sec length:1sec - "le,"
g.wav offset:2sec length:1sec - "twink - "
g.wav offset:3sec length:1sec - "le"
a.wav offset:4sec length:1sec - "litt - "
a.wav offset:5sec length:1sec - "le"
g.wav offset:6sec length:2sec - "star."
f.wav offset:8sec length:1sec - "How..."

I guess that the ecasound way of doing this is
1: To dynamically create .ewf-files for all of the notes in "Twinkle",
setting their individual offset and length values corresponding to the
values above. (For a long piece this could result in hundreds or maybe
thousands of separate .ewf files)
2: Mixing the .ewf files (one by one, or many at once) with a resulting

Two questions:

1. Am I on the right track here? Is there a need for individual .ewf files
for every note in the song, or are there other, simpler ways of doing this?

2. If mixing the .ewf files is the way, what is the quickest/simplest way of
mixing that many of them (could be houndreds or thousands)?

Thanks to Julien Claassens answer on Keith Creasy's question about mixing
audio clips (

Best Regards / Jonas Nyström

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