[ecasound] multi-mixing and DBC_CHECK warning

From: Pierre Muller <pmuller@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon May 21 2007 - 09:31:54 EEST

Hi all,

I'm using ecasound to merge several wav files into few ones.
My problem is that when using the following command, resulting files are
partially blank (they contain several chunks of silence).
And the following message appears several times :
Warning: DBC_CHECK failed -
"little_endian_uint32(riff_format_rep.byte_second) ==
static_cast<uint32_t>(bytes_per_second())", audioio-wave.cpp, 369.

Any idea ?

The command is : (to fill audio_1.wav and audio_3.wav, and audio_4.wav) :
ecasound -q -a:0 -i:audio111-2.wav -o:audio_1.wav -y:0.975
-t:60.576 -a:1 -i:audio333-2.wav -o:audio_3.wav
-y:2.008 -t:39.703 -a:2 -i:audio333-3.wav -o:audio_3.wav -y:41.711
-t:5.185 -a:3 -i:audio333-4.wav -o:audio_3.wav -y:46.896 -t:6.502 -a:4
-i:audio333-5.wav -o:audio_3.wav -y:53.398 -t:12.16 -a:5
-i:audio333-6.wav -o:audio_3.wav -y:65.558 -t:7.139 -a:6
-i:audio333-7.wav -o:audio_3.wav -y:72.697 -t:10.207
-a:7 -i:audio444-2.wav -o:audio_4.wav -y:4.354 -t:22.943 -a:8
-i:audio444-3.wav -o:audio_4.wav -y:27.297 -t:3.618 -a:9
-i:audio444-4.wav -o:audio_4.wav -y:30.915 -t:3.955 -a:10
-i:audio444-5.wav -o:audio_4.wav -y:34.87 -t:3.556 -a:11
-i:audio444-6.wav -o:audio_4.wav -y:38.426 -t:3.44 -a:12
-i:audio444-7.wav -o:audio_4.wav -y:41.866 -t:3.678 -a:13
-i:audio444-8.wav -o:audio_4.wav -y:45.544 -t:4.926 -a:14
-i:audio444-9.wav -o:audio_4.wav -y:50.47 -t:3.39 -a:15
-i:audio444-10.wav -o:audio_4.wav -y:53.86 -t:3.211 -a:16
-i:audio444-11.wav -o:audio_4.wav -y:57.071 -t:5.591 -a:17
-i:audio444-12.wav -o:audio_4.wav -y:62.662 -t:4.776 -a:18
-i:audio444-13.wav -o:audio_4.wav -y:67.438 -t:11.211 -a:19
-i:audio444-14.wav -o:audio_4.wav -y:78.649 -t:3.609

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