[ecasound] Warning: DBC_CHECK failed

From: Raśl Raya Vergara <r.raya@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue May 15 2007 - 18:53:10 EEST

I am mixing some files into one file called end.mp3. In the middle of
the process I get this message:
        Warning: DBC_CHECK failed - "tail >= 0", audioio-ewf.cpp, 230.
What's happend? The file end.mp3 is bad.
I execute this command:
        ecasound -z:mixmode,sum -a:1 -i:/file1.ewf -a:2 -i:/file2.ewf
        -a:3 -i:/file3.ewf -a:all -x -o:/end.mp3
and every file .ewf has the next structure:
        source= /myfolder/songwithmyfriends.mp3
        offset= 395.0
        looping= false
Thank you very much!!

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