[ecasound] repeating audio at specified positions

From: Matthew Yee-King <lists@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat May 12 2007 - 15:48:44 EEST

Hello there!

I want to mix several tracks of audio down to a stereo file. Each track
is made from irregularly repeated chunks of audio, e.g. track one might
contain the first 2s of foo.wav, placed at 5s, 7s and 20s with silence
in between.

I have seen that you can specify an audio event where a chunk of audio
gets played at a specific time using an .ewf file, but it seems that you
would need a different ewf file for each chunk.

1- Can you specify more than one chunk in an ewf file?
2- Is there some other way of mapping out repeated chunks of audio?

FYI, I am planning to run this from a web interface using ruby/ ecasound
where the positions of the audio chunks are specified in an xml file. So
in theory, I could generate a load of ewfs, one for each audio chunk
then create a chain pulling all of the ewfs in and render it out to an
audio file. (I hope!) Is there any problem with mixing possibly hundreds
of audio files at once?



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