[ecasound] Environmental tweaks

From: Klaus Schulz <klaus.schulz@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Apr 17 2007 - 19:30:55 EEST

Hi folks.

I am still trying to squezze more out of my ecasound setup.
Since I am still not into coding, I am trying to mess around with the Linux and the PC itself.

I'd like to share some tweaks, which gave me overall better sound results.

1. I changed the timer freqency from 1000Hz to 5000Hz and use now the ck2 rt-patch
    I just realized that using schedtool on top of ecasound sched-fifo still improves the situation.
2. I play everything from RAM (tmpfs) and stop (hdparm) the HD while playback is running (I store /var into RAM and on top
    I am switching off all relevant daemons - cron, ksyslog....))
3. I switch off my screen and graphic card with vbetool
4. I boot up in recovery mode and start ecasound (X-less) right from the console

My PC stays now pretty cool. As a side effect the fans are running very low. My PC is now pretty noiseless.

Is there anything else I should think of?

I have the feeling that ALSA and my snd-usb-audio driver might bear some tweak potential.

However tweaks above brought me again a big step forward.


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