Re: [ecasound] preliminary report on ecaspace.el

From: Pierre Lorenzon <pollock.nageoire@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Jan 25 2007 - 19:45:40 EET

Hi David and all,

I developed an emacs client for ecasound. Sorry but for the
moment there's no documentation available neither no archive on
the web.

However my project was design so :

1. I use ecasound in server mode, the server is running and I
   developed a client in emacs accessing ecasound through a
   network connection using the open-network-stream emacs

2. I developed then a parser parsing ecasound output (through
   a buffer,) and eventually catching errors.

3. I defined lisp functions implementing ecasound primitives.

4. An interface based on the widget library. Notice that I'm
   not interested in graphical user interface since I am blind
   and the widget library appears to me to be the most
   convenient one.

I tried to make all these parts independent from each
other. It's possible that we developed in parallel parts which
are common and we might maybe collaborate.

Parts 1 and 2 are fully functional and part 3 is almost
nothing to write when part 1 and 2 are written. The interface
is not yet completely defined and it will be an incremental
work since it is probable that new functionalities will need to
be added according to user demands.



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