[ecasound] preliminary report on ecaspace.el

From: David O'Toole <dto@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Jan 25 2007 - 18:25:34 EET

Hello ecasound folks. I spent the last two days hacking on ecaspace.el
and have some preliminary results to report.

In short, it is working. This morning I made a simple multitrack
recording with ecaspace.el. There is one stereo track (Yamaha RGXA2
electric guitar -> VOX Tonelab -> Delta 1010) and a mono track (Shure
SM57 -> Audio Buddy -> Delta 1010).

The website, code, and cool screenshot are available from

There is currently no documentation. The user interface is also clunky
and needs work. But the hard part is complete: I've learned how to map
my workflow ideas onto Ecasound's ECI featureset. So I consider this a
success :-) and I will continue working on it. I've decided to force
myself to use Ecaspace instead of Ardour, that will motivate me to
write ecaspace much faster :-)

David O'Toole 
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