[ecasound] 2.4.5 release sneak preview

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Dec 07 2006 - 05:08:24 EET

Hello all,

after a hectic day of hacking, the first release of ecasound in year 2006
is here! Many thanks to all the contributors who have helped to keep
the development going on.

Personally I've run out of time for today, so I'll have to do the official
announcements, etc later, but the CVS is now tagged and the tarball has
been built and uploaded to:

   md5sum: b5a4f39245e505941f26c5c2c3b80e1c

If you have the time, now would be an ideal moment to do some quick tests
with the release tarball before I sent the announcement and update the
website. ;)

Also, a lot of stuff that was planned for 2.4.5, didn't make it. :( But
let's aim for a faster release cycle for 2.4.6 (i.e. preferably already
before Dec 2007).

The whole NEWS list of changes is as follows:

07122006 (v2.4.5) -** stable release **-
         - added: ability to compile without a readline library (will
                  disable the curses based console user-interface)
         - added: if libsndfile is found and supports flac (sndfile
                  1.0.12 or newer), it will be used as the default
                    handler for flac files; use of sndfile makes random
                  access for flac files possible (for example seeking
                  in interactive mode)
         - added: section on 'RETURN VALUES' to ecasound(1) man page
         - added: ecasound-iam(1) - added documentation for error
                  return values for 'run', 'start' and 'cs-connect'
         - added: ECASOUND_LOGFILE and ECASOUND_LOGLEVEL environment
                  variables; see ecasound(1) for documentation
         - added: more detailed description of debug levels that
                  can be set with 'd' to ecasound(1) manpage
         - added: examples section to ecasound(1), which points to
                  the examples page at eca.cx/ecasound
         - added: new chain operators '-chmove' and '-chmute'
          - added: new aliases for chain operators: '-chmix' for '-erm',
                  and '-chcopy' for '-erc'
         - added: ability to protect EOS arguments, like filenames, with
                  double quotes, closes bug #1456510; see also the related
                  BUGS entry about handling commas in filenames, and
                  updated documentation in ecasound(1), ecasond-iam(1)
                  and the User's Guide
         - removed: readline-4.0 subdir from the dist package; system
                    readline library is now the only build option
         - changed: ecasoundrc - added "-f" to the default flac
                    output exec command (although now libsndfile's
                    flac support is the default)
         - changed: improved libsndfile integration, any libsndfile
                    supported file format can be used as output for
                    'sndfile,foo.ext' (format selected based on filename
         - changed: eiam - default int-log-history length set to zero
         - changed: updated config.guess and config.sub to more recent
                    versions (timestamp 2006-07-02)
         - changed: updated the documentation for 'ai-select/ao-select',
                    it is no longer required that input/outputs have
                     a unique name within one chainsetup; problem reported
                    by Kurt Konolige
         - changed: replaced the ECI C implementation's (libecasoundc)
                    engine cleanup mechanism with a much more robust one
         - changed: the engine will now refuse to start if a start offset
                    is given with '-y:secs' for an object not supporting
                    seeking; this has been a very common source of
                    end-user confusion
         - fixed: segfault when removing loop devices with a[io]-remove,
                   reported by Pedro Antonio Fructuoso Merino
         - fixed: incorrect headers in created flac files (not related
                  to sndfile/flac); fix can possibly affect other file
                  formats handled by external apps (aac, midi, mikmod,
                  mp3 and ogg files), problem reported by Florian Ladstaedter
         - fixed: errors during batch processing (running out of file
                  space, etc) were not reported as a non-zero process
                  return value, problem reported by Zrajm Akfohg
         - fixed: possible segfaults with ctrl-select, ctrlp-select
                  and ctrlp-value [allies]
         - fixed: loop devices were not correctly saved with cs-save
                  and cs-save-as [allies]
         - fixed: bug in handling big-ending 24/32bit samples [aheller]
         - fixed: ecasignalview build errors on cygwin [hawk777]
         - fixed: segfault when parsing "\" in interactive mode, reported
                  by Koen [pfructuoso]
         - fixed: a subtle race-condition in the cleanup routines leading
                  to segfaults when breaking a batch run with ctrl-c
         - fixed: bug causing audible glitching when seeking with
                  chainsetups containing loop devices [pfructuoso]
         - fixed: "rw 0" caused the engine to skip ahead multiple
                  seconds (reported by Kurt Konolige)
         - fixed: segfaults from invalid params to -f option, for
                  example "-f:16" or "-f:16,2", reported by peppo on
                  #lad at freenode.org
         - fixed: a severe string termination bug in libecasoundc
                  that led to garbled output from ECI commands
                  returning lists of strings, reported by Brad Bowman,
                  Joel Roth and Stuart Allie

  links, my public keys, etc at http://eca.cx/kv
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