Re: [ecasound] operating multiple controlers while processing

From: sara lidgey <slidgey@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Nov 28 2006 - 19:47:51 EET

I am using ecasound v2.4.4


Stuart Allie <Stuart.Allie@email-addr-hidden> wrote: Hi,
Can you tell us which version of ecasound you are using?

ecasound --version

will tell you.

This could be related to some patches I submitted and later discovered
problems with. Once we know the version number, we'll know for sure. If
it is that, sorry :)


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Hello All,

I am using ecasound in interactive mode and am having a mysterious issue
that I can't resolve. I have one chainsetup with 2 chains. Each chain
has an operator (audio sine oscillator) and a controller (another sine
oscillaor) that controls the frequency of the audio oscillator. Once
processing is started, I can only change parameters on the first chain's
controller. All commands I think should affect the second chain's
controller will just affect the first chains'. I have pasted the
exact comands I am using below. If anyone can tell me why this is
happening I would really appreciate it.
Thanks so much,

(jack started in advance with qjackctl)
$ ecasound -c

cs-add test_cs

c-add osc1
ai-add null
ao-add jack_generic,osc1
cop-add -el:sine_fcac,500,1
ctrl-add -kos:1,500,600,0.2,0

c-add osc2
ai-add null
ao-add jack_generic,osc2
cop-add -el:sine_fcac,700,1
ctrl-add -kos:1,700,800,0.2,0


//external commands
jack_connect ecasound:osc1_1 alsa_pcm:playback_1
jack_connect ecasound:osc2_3 alsa_pcm:playback_2

c-select osc1
cop-select 1
ctrl-select 1
ctrlp-select 4
ctrlp-set 650

c-select osc2
cop-select 1
ctrl-select 1
ctrlp-select 4
ctrlp-set 850 //this affects osc1 controller ?!?

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