Re: [ecasound] stabilty & reliability

From: John Rigg <>
Date: Wed Oct 11 2006 - 20:49:43 EEST

On Wed, Oct 11, 2006 at 12:00:41PM +0200, Jure Pe??ar wrote:
> My current setup:
> linux 2.6.16-rt16 smp
> 2x delta 1010LT
> alsa 1.0.11
> jackd version 0.101.0 with mmap_complex-patch-0.100.7
> ecasound-2.4.4
> So, question for all that are doing similiar multichannel recordings ... what combination of kernel - rt patch - alsa - jack - ecasound works 100% ok for you? How much is smp an issue with rt? Should I try non-smp kernel?

Are you using x86_64? There are lots of issues here. I'm using
3 x Delta 1010 with a dual Opteron. I've never been able to get -rt
kernels to work with this setup. ALSA pcm_multi causes problems for -rt
and locks up my system as soon as I start jackd. I use vanilla SMP kernel
with CONFIG_PREEMPT=y. This works well.

Another problem is pcm_multi doesn't work with jackd in duplex mode
after alsa-lib-1.0.8. There's a patch here (tested with alsa-lib 1.0.9
through 1.0.12):

Another (x86_64 specific) problem is that jackd 0.101.0 and earlier
generates a spurious divide-by-zero error at seemingly random times that
kills jackd. Sometimes it runs for hours before it happens, sometimes
only a few seconds. A floating point exception message from jackd
appears on the console, and a divide trap error message from the kernel
appears in syslog when it occurs.
I made a workaround patch that fixes it in 0.100.7 and 0.101.0:

These and other issues are discussed on my website:

I've been recording for around 5 months using the patches and workarounds
described above, with excellent results and reliability.

Hope this helps,


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