[ecasound] stabilty & reliability

From: Jure Pečar <pegasus@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Oct 11 2006 - 13:00:41 EEST


maybe not so much an ecasound question (can you direct me to a more apropriate mailing list for this?) ...

My current setup:

linux 2.6.16-rt16 smp
2x delta 1010LT
alsa 1.0.11
jackd version 0.101.0 with mmap_complex-patch-0.100.7

Back in April I was asking how to put it all together to work, now I'm asking how to make it work reliably.

The job of this machine is to record various radio stations on its inputs. I wrote some scripts for that to be remotely controllable by external process and this part works ok. However, the wav files that come out are not.

Most of the recordings are ok. Then, some terminate prematurely. Some are even less than a second long. Some are not even parsable by audacity (shows no signal).

I put some logging into my scripts and found all sorts of weird stuff: ecasound segfaulting, jackd misteriously going away, jackd not wanting to accept any clients, etc ... I worked around some of these with the help of google, but I'm still not satisfied. I would really like this setup to perform 100%.

So, question for all that are doing similiar multichannel recordings ... what combination of kernel - rt patch - alsa - jack - ecasound works 100% ok for you? How much is smp an issue with rt? Should I try non-smp kernel?

Thanks for answers,

Jure Pečar
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