ecasound -o alsa;ecasoundrc

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Subject: ecasound -o alsa;ecasoundrc
Date: Wed Nov 12 2003 - 23:53:29 EET

The command ecasound -i:myfile.wav -o alsa is OK
and after writing ~/.ecasound/ecasoundrc
it is not necessary to use -o alsa

        All this was AFTER acpi=off is the permanent boot parameter since acpi competed with ICE1712 for IRQ 20 (this is a hyper thread P-4 chip!) as per the output of less /proc/interrupts. If one is not careful ICE1712 will compete with USB, too!

        Now the question is why do sweep (a sound editor) and xmms (a SuSE default player) play to BOTH headphone (channel 1 on my M-44 delta with audio buddy break out box) AND to the speakers (channel 3 mono to stereo speakers (?));
while aplay and ecasound only play to the headphones. The mixer is raised, isn't it: or I would have heard nothing at all?
Also mplayer (Hungarian experts) plays *.avi to BOTH out put devices.

        Well, since everyone on this list, is, I guess, an audiophile, these experiences may be illuminating. Hitherto when /dev/dsp locked up even the cursor failed in
the shell console and ONLY power cycle re sets the sound! This seems extreme.
The final message on shut down (yes shut down!) is

<other snd-* modules>

Why could not the system even shut down its modules. Surely kill or kill all does the trick. But dumping audacity and xine (buggy even SuSE admits) I now am in
better shape. Oddly I did get a /dev/dsp is busy message but ecasound -o alsa ran when before it would lock. By the way I neglect to remove the aRts server which still starts
at start up with kde; the I/O is set to ALSA though which does NOT it seems take duplex.

        I am sorry if this seems tedious but these new systems are powerful and & seem to cause trouble. It has been very aggravating for me. To power down every time to
get back sound is very strange. I was not able to remove the offending modules at all. Do you think I should extirpate aRts even though the kde base system complains i.e. delete all its *.rpms? Doubtless a full scale real time OS specifically for sound is the best idea rather than putting eveything on top of a typical user instal. Again I am sorry if this seems tedious.
Bart Alberti

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