Re: [ecasound] problems? with "ecasound -c -s song.ecs"

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] problems? with "ecasound -c -s song.ecs"
From: Al Oomens (
Date: Mon Jun 02 2003 - 16:09:16 EEST

I actually did have the plugins installed. The strange
thing (I think I included this in the original email)
was that if I saved the setup (after it go the error
and couldn't play) as a .ecs file from within
ecasound, and then ran it using the saved .ecs file,
it worked fine.

Did I not include the version of the ecs file that was
generated by ecasound when it saved this setup? If
not, I'll send it again.

--- Kai Vehmanen <> wrote:
> On Fri, 4 Apr 2003, Al Oomens wrote:
> > When I run ecasound with the following file
> > (song2.ecs) as "ecasound -c -s sound2.ecs" Note,
> this
> [...]
> > -a:1 -i rythm.wav -ea:140 -epp:50 -el:unmatched,
> > -el:freeverb3,0,0.278,0.113,0.414,0.586,0.173
> > -a:2 -i lead.wav -ea:62 -epp:50 -el:preamp,1.05
> > -el:valveRect,0.711,0.237
> > -el:freeverb3,0,0.368,0.226,0.481,0.444,0.259
> > -a:1,2 -o alsahw,0,0
> Hmm, on my setup the above fails because of
> "-el:freeverb3" as there's no
> such plugin installed on my system (only freeverb1).
> More errors came from
> '-el:unmatched," and "-el:preamp", which I also
> don't have. If I removed
> those from the setup, then it worked fine.
> In any case this revealed another issue, the parse
> errors were ignored
> altogether by ecasound so it wasn't very
> straightforward to find out that
> freeverb3 was the cause. In addition, in some cases,
> even if the parsing
> failed and the failure detected, ecasound continued
> to try creating a
> valid chainsetup (-s:xx fails -> try generating a
> csetup from command-line
> options; addition of default output). These actions
> unfortunately hide the
> actual problems.
> These are quite serious flaws in ecasound. I've now
> made a few fixes to
> chainsetup parsing and committed them to CVS. I
> believe this will
> significantly improve ecasound's usability. Let me
> know how the changes
> work for you.
> But, but, back to your issue, if you remove all the
> invalid plugins (or
> you really have them installed) and it still doesn't
> work, then I'm at
> loss of what could cause the problem you describe.
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