Re: [ecasound] problems compiling 2.2.2

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] problems compiling 2.2.2
From: Jan Stary (
Date: Thu Apr 03 2003 - 19:12:24 EEST

:> The ./configure script seems to ignore/not understand the --enable's and
:> --disable's for ALSA and Python. Running just './configure' autodetects
:> ALSA (and others) correctly, but saying --enable-alsa results in 'ALSA
:> support: no'. Running --disable-pyecasound doesn't stop the script
:> checking for python.h (and complaining, because I don't have Python
:> installed). Relevant pieces of output are <EOF
:The ALSA thing is a bug, as --enable-alsa does not work (the result is
:identical to giving --disable-alsa).
:--disable-pyecasound has the same bug (--disable-pyecasound and
:--enable-pyecasound cause the same result), but with an additional new bug
:in 2.2.2 that causes --disable-pyecasound to fail if python-devel files
:are found (... pyecasound will be built even with the disable option).
:> $ ./configure --disable-pyecasound --enable-sys-readline
:> ...
:> pyecasound: yes # I SAID NO
:So to get around this specific problem is to compile without
:--disable-pyecasound. This should work on your machine, as you don't have
:the python-devel files installed.

Well, running just ./configure --enable-sys-readline (and saying nothing
about python or alsa) makes the script detect thing correctly (alsa present,
python not present), as you say. Then, 'make' tries to compile ALSA (and
succeeds), and does not try to compile pyecasound. That's right. But ...

:> But then, after the successful make, I su (I compile as user, under
:> /usr/local/src/ecasound-2.2.2), and 'make install' fails again, because
:> of unknown target (!), which is something rotten in Denmark; or the build
:This is caused (hopefully) by the previous problem.

... but after compiling ALSA and not compiling Python, it tries to
_install_ the (not compiled) Python stuff, and (surprise) fails.

Summarized: the ./configure script, when run 'properly' (ie, not
specifying the buggy --{enable,disable}-{alsa,pyecasound} ) produces
correct build targets, but incorrect install targets (it tries to install
pyecasound which it didn't compile).

And that's where 'make install' fails, presumably before finishing other
important targets (like putting things into /usr/local/share/ecasound),
and renders the instalation unusable.

Anyway, with python installed, the problem disappears. Configure detects
ALSA and Python, builds all, and installs without problems. So, to build
ecasound without pyecasound, I have to install python and say
--disable-pyecasound. Which doesn't, after all, hurt much, but it's weird.

It seems the build system needs python to work properly, regardless of
whether you want pyecasound or not.


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