Re: [ecasound] ecanormalize

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] ecanormalize
From: Al Oomens (
Date: Thu Mar 27 2003 - 19:35:10 EET

I guess I didn't really mean to say that it was
'incorrectly showing' clipped-samples (I did notice
that the max-peak never went above 1.0000). I just
wanted to be sure I understood what was going on. :-)

On my digital multi-tracker, if the 'meter' shows
clipped, the signal was definately clipped. In this
case though I'm sure they have dirrect hw support
(since Korg made the whole thing, hardware and
software). So, I was just concerned when I saw
something 'clipped'.

I totally agree that if it's not possible to detect
clipping in hw, it's much better to be safe than
sorry, especially during recording.


--- Kai Vehmanen <> wrote:
> On Thu, 27 Mar 2003, Al Oomens wrote:
> > I've used ecasignalview to monitor a .wav file
> before
> > and after running ecanormalize. After running
> > ecanormalize, ecasignalview show a high count of
> > clipped-samples. Is this normal? Are they really
> not
> > 'clipped'? Or is ecasignalview incorrectly showing
> clipped-samples?
> The samples are not really clipped. The problem is
> that without direct hw
> support for clip-detection, there's no way to tell
> whether a input signal
> is clipping or not. What ecasignalview does is to
> warn about samples that
> are dangerously close to the maxixum possible peak
> value. In most cases
> this is a good way to detect if you are driving the
> soundcard input with a
> too strong signal, and so is mostly helpful when
> recording from a
> soundcard or other live source.
> When you process a file with ecanormalize, it will
> expand the audio data
> to use the whole available dynamic range, so there's
> always at least a few
> samples that are close to the maximum value.
> Suggestions for a better way to present this
> information are welcome! ;)
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