max decibels, mute-toggle, chain looping

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Subject: max decibels, mute-toggle, chain looping
From: Adam Linson (
Date: Mon Mar 03 2003 - 11:54:51 EET

hello all,

three things from my corner:

1) I get the sense it is somehow possible to "cap max-output-dBs" in real-time, along the lines of "all output > n dBs = n dBs",
but can't quite figure out how. It seems % measurements aren't that useful in this case, and I'm terribly unsophisticated with controllers.
Any help on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.

2) At one point, there was a proposal (by Kai?) to specify "c-mute" more accurately as "c-toggle-mute", and thereby
to allow a non-toggling implementation of "c-mute" in conjunction with "c-unmute". I now see the practicality of this, given that I am dealing with too many chains
to keep track of and am forced to constantly poll the c-status to find out if a given chain is already muted or not. Has the proposal been abandoned?
If so, any chance of resurrecting it? ;-)

3) I have been trying to get around the issue of audible breaks by adding ridiculous amounts of chains with unique inputs to a single chain setup, thus avoiding a lot of
switching between chain setups. I then do a lot of muting to get the desired effect (see #2). I have reached a major limitation with inputs of different
(often unknown) lengths and looping, which only appears to be possible at the cs level. Would it be possible to have a chain and/or audio-input loop independent
of the cs loop, such that in a single chain setup, an input of 5 seconds in length would play twice for every time a 10-second input played once
(keeping in mind the problem of unknown lengths)? I imagine something like how -tl works without a set cs length -- when all inputs reach their end, all inputs
begin again -- but happening instead with a single input, independent of any others.


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