Re: [ecasound] Cygwin?

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] Cygwin?
From: William Goldsmith (
Date: Wed Feb 12 2003 - 21:54:59 EET

OK - I figured I'd have to account for myself here :-)

Let me explain my radio automation system briefly. The main server for my
station is located at a data center several hundred miles away from my
studio. That's where the actual file playback & mixing, signal processing, &
stream encoding occur. I control the station from my studio using a web
browser interface that manipulates the database table that contains the
station playlist. This consists of a series of rows that contain the
filename, artist/song title (for web display), length of the song or voice
break, & cueing data: how far into the file to start, whether to fade in at
the beginning or out at the end, and the point at which the next song should
begin. I take *great* care with the segues & transitions between the songs.

At the studio I have a second Linux server that contains a complete copy of
the station library. When I'm scheduling, I actually work on that system -
not on the main server. Then I mirror any changes or audio additions to the
main server. Since I have local copies of all of the songs, it's easy to
preview exactly what each song transition is going to sound like. When I'm
traveling (which I do a lot of) I can still connect to one of my servers &
change the programming, but I can't preview the segues or directly record
new voice tracks (which I can easily do if I'm sitting next to the server).

It's been my plan all along to build a Linux laptop that incorporated all of
these functions, but I can't afford to buy a second laptop right now - plus,
I'm reluctant to give up my Windows laptop at this point in time. I have a
whole suite of tools that I'm comfortable with & not all of them have fully
capable Linux equivalents.

Plus, I realized that if I can get everything I need working under Cygwin I
have the opportunity to create a tool that I can take anywhere, plug into
any Windows system, and be ready to work. My plan is to load a USB/Firewire
portable hard drive (I have a nifty little 2.5" 60 gB drive that weighs only
a few ounces) with everything I need to run my radio automation system:

1. The complete mp3 music library
2. A Cygwin installation with all of the tools I use on my automation
system: Apache, PHP, Postgres, mpg123, & - of course - ecasound.

The whole thing - including the microphone that I use on the road - weighs
about 0.5 kilos I can just plug in the drive (to a Firewire port if
available, USB if not), fire up Cygwin, point the browser at localhost & be
good to go. At this point I basically have everything working except for


> On Sun, 9 Feb 2003 22:13:47 -0800
> "William Goldsmith" <> wrote:
> > Why I need to do this using Cygwin is a long story that I'll be happy to
> > share with anyone interested.
> Well, why would you want to use windows? :)
> janne
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