Re: [ecasound] Open Studio HOWTO?

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] Open Studio HOWTO?
From: Michal Seta (
Date: Sat Feb 01 2003 - 20:52:47 EET

OK, I'm crossposting this to LAU because I think there are lots of people who might provide some valuable input.

you can subscribe here:

Let's continue it there, OK?

On Sat, 1 Feb 2003 16:12:12 +0100
felipe <> wrote:

> Next: I'm very interested on this Open Studios idea :) In a few months I'm
> starting to build what will be my house. I play guitar and, no need to say,
> one of the first things I'll want is a private recording studio for me and my
> band.

I'm not sure id I'd want to have an Open Studio at my house :) But hey, it's your house so you do what you want with it :)

> I'm getting a bit confused about what I
> really need to have the highest quality/lowest cost and, if possible, to
> adhere to an Open Studios "standard" (when there will be one).

Getting the lowest cost & highest quality studio is everybody's concern. Unfortunately, when you're on a low budget you have to make a compromise here and there. I didn't really think hard about it but I don't think there should be an OpenStudio 'standard' in terms of equipment, software and such. People could provide lists with reccomandations for various setup issues, low cost equipment etc but the setup will depend on every studio's needs nad technician/engineer/director's preferences.

> So what I ask you Kai, Justin, Michael, Tom Poe and all you open-sound fans is
> something like an "OpenStudio HOWTO", that would provide a basic framework
> with the best solutions for setting up a (network oriented?) home recording
> studio, covering both hardware and software issues.

In my previous post I threw an idea, very lightly, about an OpenStudio Gazette and Tom picked up on it and now I started brewing some ideas about it. I think that it'd be very useful to reach people and provide information, share ideas/experiences, success sotires (both studios and artists) and stuff like that.

So, since last night and today I was thinking about this for the gazette:

1. having short articles deling with:
        a. legal issues for artists - copyright laws, various artistic licences etc explained in plain english (& other languages if translations become a reality
        b. software/equipment/setup issues
2. tips and tricks for setting up and running such studios
3. aesthetic type of essay on a related topic
4. announcments, classifieds and things like that and maybe even ads for OpenStudio friendly gear for sale/buy and such.

We could seek contributions from the Linux, open source, alternative licences people and release it on a monthly or bi-monthly basis (depending how much contribution & content we can pull). I could take a plunge at an article once in a while.

> I could help translating it into Italian and Spanish, or if none is willing
> to, I could start writing the basis and then we could fill it up together,
> but I'd like to hear what do you all think first.

That would definitely help. I almost forgot I speak Polish so, I guess, I could translate to Polish, too :)

> Maybe the next step could be some openhardware projects? =)

didn't someone start discussing it somewhere already?


Michal Seta
No One Receiving
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