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Subject: Fw: Re: [Club-Volunteers] [jhalttun_AT_pp.htv.fi: [ecasound] Whoa!]
From: janne halttunen (jhalttun_AT_pp.htv.fi)
Date: Tue Oct 15 2002 - 00:37:07 EEST

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Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 18:48:42 +0200
From: Buchan Milne <bgmilne_AT_cae.co.za>
To: Maxim Heijndijk <cchq_AT_wanadoo.nl>
Subject: Re: [Club-Volunteers] [jhalttun_AT_pp.htv.fi: [ecasound] Whoa!]

 was also done "tongue-in-cheek" style on the mailing list.

Mandrake linux respects all developers, and is thankful for their
contribution to the open-source community. No disrespect was intended by

Here is an extract from an email that started off the list. Maybe the
person who posted the story on Mandrakeforum would like to amend the
story so more of the original intent (ie no direct implication of
ecasound) is retained.:

>> Frankly it looks to me like you just grabbed someone elses redhat
>> package and rebuilt it for Mandrake.
>> It's the original from the ecasound website, packed by the developer.
> Developers usually make the worst packagers, since for one, they
> always have the devel files required by their app, and probably spend
> more time programming than packaging ...

The irony should be evident. We know developers don't have time to learn
the ins-and-outs of packaging, and if they did, they wouldn't have time
to write such good software.

I am sure that once the Mandrake RPM is complete, the packager should
send you a copy of the spec file used (alternatively, you could see it
in Mandrake CVS), to see the changes that were made.

Please don't turn this into more of an issue that it was. I think this
could have been handled better than by mailing a mailing list (and note,
this mail hasn't been posted to the ml, since I the address isn't here,
so maybe you would like to forward this to the ecasound ml).

We look forward to having ecasound available to Mandrake 9.0 users via
the club RPMs, and out-the-box in future versions.



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