[ecasound] development release: 2.1dev8

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Subject: [ecasound] development release: 2.1dev8
From: Kai Vehmanen (k_AT_eca.cx)
Date: Tue May 14 2002 - 01:49:46 EEST

Time for the next development release in 2.1dev series. As can be seen
from below, the changelog is quite a long one. The diff between 2.1dev7
and 2.1dev8 is over 1.3MB (!) in size, so quite a lot of code has been
worked on.

13052002 (v2.1dev8)
        - edi-entries: edi-13, edi-18, edi-21, edi-22
        - added: reverse audio object type; see the ecasound(1)
                 man page for better documentation
        - added: pyecasound - if python version is 2.2 or higher,
                 pyeca.py sets custom dlopen flags before importing
                 the actual pyecasound python module; this makes it
                 possible to access ecasound's plugins (ALSA, JACK,
                 libaudiofile) from python ECI apps
        - added: ecasoundrc - 'default-audio-format'; same syntax
                  as with the -f option; defaults to s16_le,2,44100,i
        - added: edi-18 implemented; engine samplerate is now
                 set automatically - if object sample rates don't
                 match, an error is printed
        - added: edi-21 implemented; a much improved framework
                 for handling audio position information is now
                   in place; -kl, -kl2 and -klg are now position
                 aware - changing chainsetup position also affects
                    controller sources
        - added: initial implementation of edi-22
        - added: support for devfs /dev/sound/dsp devices [karmak]
        - added: new debugging system in libecasound; semantics
                 of -d:xxx debug levels have changed
        - added: 'make check' target builds and runs
                 libecasound/libecasound_tester, which performs
                 a set of functionality tests
        - removed: support for old ALSA driver versions 0.3.x,
                    0.4.x and 0.5.x
        - removed: ecasoundrc - 'default-samplerate'
        - removed: -sr option; not needed anymore
        - removed: ia-mode - 'c-rewind', 'c-forward' and
        - removed: ecasoundrc - default-to-interactive-mode
        - removed: mixmode switch (-m)
        - removed: ecasound/contrib directory
        - changed: JACK support updated to match JACK's 13/May/02
        - changed: pyecasound - module libpyecasound.so renamed
                   to pyecasound.so
        - changed: programmer's guide updated; added a new chapter
                   about library organization
        - changed: minor user's guide update
        - changed: looping with -tl always loops from the start;
                   -y can't be used for setting the loop start
                    offset -> ewf-files should be used instead
        - changed: s24_le and s24_be sample formats are interpreted
                   as three-byte values, not as four-byte
                   24-in-32bits values as before; to access
                   unpacked 24bit data, use s32_le and s32_be
                   formats instead
        - changed: configure.in cleanup
        - changed: the libkvutils binary API has changes so its
                   version number was changed from 3:0:1 to 3:0:0
                   (libkvutils.so.3); this interface will be
                   frozen together with libecasound.so.8
        - changed: rewritten rtnull implementation; now imitates
                   soundcard behaviour much more accurately
        - changed: numerous portability improvements to the
                   autoconf scripts
        - changed: new rpm-spec file; libraries are now located
                    in separate rpm-packages
        - changed: ecasound-config renamed to libecasoundX-config
        - changed: ecasoundc-config renamed to libecasoundcX-config
        - changed: libecasound headers are now installed to
                   incdir/libecasound, similarly libecasoundc headers
                   to incdir/libecasoundc
        - changed: plugin directory name from prefix/lib/ecasound-plugins
                   to prefix/lib/libecasoundX-plugins, where X is
                   the library interface number
        - fixed: -[io]:alsaplugin,x,y didn't work with latest ALSA
                 0.9betaX releases
        - fixed: serious bug in setting up ALSA 0.9.x buffering params
        - fixed: rare bug with sampling rate changes
        - fixed: autoconf 2.5x fixes [iondiode]
        - fixed: typeselect - opening and closing a typeselect
                 device multiple times caused a seg.fault
        - fixed: some ECI apps dumped core when executing their
                 first command
        - fixed: after mp3/ogg/mikmod/timidity objects had reached
                 finished state, playback couldn't be started
                 without doing a disconnect-connect
        - fixed: better handling of situations where JACK server
                 is abruptly shutdown and then restarted
        - fixed: sometimes an incorrect length-field was written to
                 newly created wav-files
        - fixed: problems with using ewf-files with doublebuffering
        - fixed: loop devices didn't work; resulted in 'explicit
                 exception' errors
        - fixed: configure failed if neither ncurses nor termcap
                 was installed
        - fixed: compile failed if ALSA was not installed (even
                 with --disable-alsa)
        - fixed: if compiled with --with-largefile, when closing
                 output wav files, riff header block was written
                 over start of audio data
        - fixed: -eemb wasn't working properly, this broke the
                 'metronome' preset
        - fixed: recording offset not set when not in
                 multitrack mode
        - fixed: incorrect parsing of wav headers on big-endian
        - fixed: various small fixes to make ecasound compile
                 with Sun's Workshop6 C5.2 C++ compiler under
                 64bit Solaris 2.8 (sparc ultra-250)
        - fixed: ecasoundrc - ext-cmd-text-editor and
                 ext-cmd-wave-editor were incorrectly parsed
        - fixed: cs-edit didn't preserve chainsetup position
        - fixed: cs-edit discarded all changes if the original
                 chainsetup was connected but the resulting
                 setup was not valid for reconnection
        - fixed: -klg didn't work as documented

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