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Subject: Re:%20[ecasound]%20looping%20samples&replyto=Pine.LNX.4.44.0205081908060.1737-100000_AT_ecabase.localdomain
From: OXullo Intersecans (
Date: Thu May 09 2002 - 03:09:58 EEST

> Hi,
> On Tue, 7 May 2002, OXullo Intersecans wrote:
> > double curpos = e.last_float();
> > if (curpos==lengths[i]) e.command("ai-setpos 0");
> as a rule of thumb you should avoid comparing float values with equality
> operator (==). Instead it's better to use either < or >. In this case
> example...
> if (curpos >= lengths[i]) e.command("ai-setpos 0");
> ... should work more reliably.

Oh, yeah, terrible mistake, sorry!

Yesterday I tried what the kind Janne Halttunen suggested (using ewf file
to specify a looping audio source) and it worked very well.
Today I got the first complete feedback with three sensors and one sample.
(A comb filter with two parameters (bandwidth and resonance) plus an
amplitude control)
It worked well, with very acceptable latency times (with a straight Linus

I think that is very simple do this:
.I don't control cursor position of each source and leave them to loop
.When I want to shut down a sample I can simply use a -ea control to set
the volume to 0 after an idle interaction time
.When an interaction datum comes in, I can reset the cursor and pass the
volume control to one of the sensors..

This is not very cpu-time friendly, but I'm designing a network of sensors
nodes which works at 100% all the time (master-slave polling architecture)
and I don't have any problem with the hardware power. So if the whole
thing could work flawlessy with no interaction will surely work with all
the people will come to stress the installation :)

By now, thank you all very much for your support,


Marco Fagiolini

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