[ecasound] development release: 1.9dev6 (= 2.0pre1)

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Subject: [ecasound] development release: 1.9dev6 (= 2.0pre1)
From: Kai Vehmanen (k@eca.cx)
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 04:01:23 EEST

Here's ecasound 1.9dev6. You can consider this as the the first 2.0
pre-release. If no serious bugs are found, it's 2.0 time. There are some
bugs that I just haven't had the time to investigate, but those are not
very critical... but of course, if you do think some bug should be
definitely fixed before 2.0, let me know.

24042001 (v1.9dev6)
        - added: eiam - cs-setpos, cs-set-position; aliases for setpos
        - added: eiam - cs-getpos, cs-get-position; aliases for getpos
        - added: eiam - cs-rewind and cs-forward; aliases for rewind
                 and forward
        - added: eiam - cs-get-length; alias for get-length
        - added: ecatools - repeated ctrl-c causes ecaplay to exit
                 immediately (like mpg123)
        - added: MIDI options now properly saved to ecs files
        - added: eiam - c-index-select, c-iselect, cs-iselect,
                 cs-list, ai-list, ao-list, ai-iselect, ao-iselect
        - added: eiam - cop-index-select, cop-iselect as aliases for
        - added: eiam - copp-index-select, copp-iselect as aliases for
        - added: eiam - ctrl-index-select, ctrl-iselect as aliases for
        - added: eiam - ai-get-format and ao-get-format
        - added: eiam - cop-selected, copp-selected and ctrl-selected
        - added: eiam - cop-list, copp-list, ctrl-list
        - removed: because of the continuing licensing problems,
                   ladspa.h was removed; to compile ecasound with
                   LADSPA support, the LADSPA SDK has to be installed
        - changed: eiam - separate commands sets for operating on audio
                   inputs (ai-) and outputs (ao-); affects all aio-*
                   commands except aio-register and aio-status
        - changed: eiam - dump-aio-* separated into dump-ai-* and
        - changed: eiam - cs-length renamed to cs-set-length
        - changed: updated ecafixdc and ecanormalize to use the new
                   temp file creation routines
        - changed: -z:nointbuf is now the default; use -z:intbuf to
                   enable the old default behaviour
        - changed: eiam - ai-index-select and ao-index-select now
                   take an integer parameter
        - changed: eiam - c-name renamed to c-rename
        - changed: eiam - cs-set renamed cs-set-param
        - changed: eiam - cs-format renamed cs-set-audio-format
        - changed: eiam - cs-loop renamed to cs-toggle-loop
        - fixed: small bug fix to ALSA 0.9.x support
        - fixed: eiam - ctrl-remove bug fix, take two :)

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