Re: [ecasound] custom osc not global ?

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] custom osc not global ?
From: Kai Vehmanen (
Date: Sun Dec 10 2000 - 12:44:11 EET

On Fri, 8 Dec 2000, MOULET Xavier FTRD/DMR/ISS wrote:

> interesting, and I would like to process some files with it, but I have an
> issue. I can't find in the documentation a way to specify a custom, looped
> oscillator control value neither in the command line nor in a file. I would
> be happy to have a command in the CLI in the form of a command, which do not
> get a number as a reference to an envelope of the global parameter file, but
> specify a file.

Hmm, until now, using the global osc presets was the only option
(presets were in the file 'generic_oscillators'). But, but, I'm just
experimenting with a new control source, -kog. The idea is to give all
envelope points as controller parameters. Here's the man page entry:


Generic oscillator. The first three are standard controller params. 'freq'
is the frequency in Hz, mode either '0' for static values or '1' for
linear interpolation. 'point-pairs' specifies the number of 'posN' -
'valueN' pairs to include. 'start-value' and 'end-value' are used as
border values.

Ok, I admit that this starts to look a bit complicated, but what
can I do, this is quite complicated. :) Let's take an example:

-ea:100 -kog:1,0,100,0.4,1,1,0.1,0.1,0.5,1

We add -kog to control the amplify-%. The controlled range is from
0% to 100%. Oscillator freq is 0.4Hz. We choose the mode '1' meaning
controller values are linearly interpolated between envelope points.
Next we set 'point-pairs' to 1. This means we have one extra envelope
point (start and end not included). Then we specify the start (pos=0.0)
and end (pos=1.0) values. Ok, two parameters left. '0.5,1' forms our
custom envelope point pair. 0.5 specifies the position (pos=0.5) and
1 is the value applied at that pos.

Ok, the result is a triangle envelope (10% -> 100% -> 10%). This pattern
is repeated 0.4 times a second.

How does this sound? With the new ECI-mode (and using presets), it's
easy specify a large number of envelope points.

Btw; the old -kf is at least temporarily removed.
Btw2; The above code is actually already working, but I'll need some
      more time to clean it up. I'll update the CVS when it's ready.

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