[ecasound] custom osc not global ?

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Subject: [ecasound] custom osc not global ?
From: MOULET Xavier FTRD/DMR/ISS (xavier.moulet@rd.francetelecom.fr)
Date: Fri Dec 08 2000 - 18:10:41 EET

Hi, I have a lame question about ecasound. I find this project really
interesting, and I would like to process some files with it, but I have an
issue. I can't find in the documentation a way to specify a custom, looped
oscillator control value neither in the command line nor in a file. I would
be happy to have a command in the CLI in the form of a command, which do not
get a number as a reference to an envelope of the global parameter file, but
specify a file.
Is there already a way of doinf such a thing ? Because Sine envelopes are
fine, but I feel only them is a little restrictive ... I am writing a GUI
looping program and using your program for all the audio backend & ladspa
think would be a great saving in terms of code. But I really really need
those custom envelopes, and I do not want to set up root privileges for a
GUI click-forget program like this ! (and I don't want that a user screw
other people's preference, this envelopes are volative and related to a
song, so I don't want to have them in a global parameter file, nor a user
constant file, but in a song file)
Please tell me there is a way of dong such a thing ... (scripting and/or
linking is not a problem, patching ecasound would not be an option)

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