[ecasound] CVS changes; old code removed, mmaping files

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Subject: [ecasound] CVS changes; old code removed, mmaping files
From: Kai Vehmanen (k@eca.cx)
Date: Sat Oct 21 2000 - 20:28:12 EEST

During the last few days I've cleaned up the CVS tree, and lots of old,
obsolete code has been dropped...:

1. The latest stable release has six different versions of the inner
engine loop. The original idea behind multiple mixmodes was to optimize
ecasound performance for different use-cases (simple iactive, simple
passive, normal iactive, etc). But looking at the code now, I don't think
it was really worth it. Now there's only two left: simple and normal.
These can handle all processing needs, and are relatively simple
(ie. easier to maintain -> fewer bugs, easier to add new features).

2. Double-buffered mode, -z:db. I have plans ready for a new buffering
system, which will replace the old one. Unlike the old -z:db, the new
design will support all file formats (including external sources like mp3,
ogg, mid, etc). Also output buffering will be supported. I've already
solved most of the design issues concerning the new system, but I'm not
yet sure when I will have time to implement (and test) it.


I did reuse some of the old -z:db code. The mmap() i/o code is still in CVS. You can now add a second parameter to .raw and .wav files, which enables the mmap() code (only for input at the moment). When mmap() is enabled, ecasound maps the whole raw/wav into memory using the mmap() mechanism. I'm not sure how useful this is, but the code was really simple to add, so why not. :) Here's an example:

# with memory mapping ecasound -i:some.wav,1 -o:/dev/dsp ecasound -i:some.raw,1 -o:/dev/dsp # without memory mapping ecasound -i:some.wav,0 -o:/dev/dsp

If the second parameter is omitted, mmap is not used.

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