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Subject: Re: [ecasound] Re: [alsa-devel] Re: Usage of Sourceforge (fwd)
From: lee johnson (
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 16:49:11 EEST

Dave Phillips wrote:

> "S. Massy" wrote:
> > Even in linux I had much difficulties finding a
> > command-line driven app, I believe ecasound to be the only as of
> > today, that would let me do most of what I wanted.

glad you were able to find something to fit your needs.......i don't mind
command driven really its certainly low memory usage!!!!!!!! that truly
is a bonus..

i just wish i could get it to work right........keep getting segmentation
fault when i try the multi-track example at kai's website.......i get the
segmentation fault
after i type in "start"...i mean after doing all the other command stuff
as on website...

seems to think about it briefly but then stops with that error......
I don't know if its just the driver for my soundcard ( turtlebeach
Montego II quadzilla ) or not as i have trouble with latency ( proper
term for skipping sounds /recording not following playback of wav file
along with..) using audio gui in this case broadcast 2000a.......i know
my current driver does have these latency issues but whether or not it
would affect straight across board on all apps dunno yet not many
multi-track stuff for linux yet that I know ....

anyway i can wav files to play just fine in ecasound just no

thanks anyone

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