Re: [ecasound] The recording process.

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] The recording process.
From: P Shirkey (
Date: Tue Jul 04 2000 - 19:53:36 EEST

>Shortly put, you should be able to record with "ecasound -i /dev/dsp -o
>somefile.wav". If that doesn't work, something is wrong.
I have upgraded ecasound twice in the past week from .8r12.rpm to .9r13.rpm then to .9r13.tar.

I had ecasound recording with .8r12 but it looped everything. I didn't even specify -tl. I recorded from mp3 and cd. It worked although it took a while before it was actually available to listen to. Nothing was longer than 5 minutes so not like there was excessive amounts of memory involved. I have 192MB ram, 350MB swap and a 800MB partition.

I upgraded because I read in the bugfixes that there was a looping problem in .8r12. I assumed that it was to do with the recording mechanism.

In .8r12 I also couldn't use the -a command. I tried it out with mp3's that worked as single inputs. Sorry I can't remember the reasons that were given. And, thinking back it could have been simple op error. I have learnt some things that I didn't know last week.

>Btw; does playback work without problems?

I can definitely play mp3's through ecasound. Even ones on my windows partition. I have used the effects successfully. The delay is good fun and -ea is working fine.It is pretty confusing why this doesn't record.

>Have you checked your mixer settings (line-in/mic-in enabled, volume
>levels, input gain, etc)? How about other apps? Does recording work with

In terms of command lines I have been using exactly the same as you have written. All the levels are up, the boxes are checked. It records, it just doesn't seem to record any sounds.

I have been using grip for quite a while on this system
Mandrake 7.1, 2.2.16, oss, maestro sndcard. It works perfectly well with no errors. One thing that might be causing problems with ecasound. When I boot I get an error message saying - can't locate module sound - I can't figure out why it does this as everthing works once I'm in. I can't find any howto's relating to that complaint, and it doesn't seem to be causing any problems with programs that are running, except maybe this one.

I don't want to burden you with debugging a kernel. But that is the only thing I can think of.


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