Re: [ecasound] future of qtecasound?

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] future of qtecasound?
From: Neil E. Klepeis (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 02:05:34 EEST

I've made a little Perl/Tk prototype front-end to ecasound. A
screenshot and the source are available at:

After I tried to add the capability to read ewf files, it stopped
working. But before that it seemed OK. (Any help?) It's not a
"full-blown" GUI (or coded very well :-), but there are some nice
features (at least I think so): pull down menus for chain "mode" (REC
STEREO, REC MONO, PLAY STEREO, PLAY MONO, etc.), pull down menus for
choosing files (the chain name entry boxes are bound to a keyword
directory search), and easy mixing to file. The UPDATE button turns
blue when any chain defs are changed. Instead of using any of the
chainsetup features, I just kill the ecasound pipe and restart with a
new command line when the user hits the button. [probably not a great
way to do it]

This is just an example to illustrate a type of interface that might be
incorporated into a GTK front-end.

Although it seems like some people are going to want to have an
easy-to-use GUI to do the setup for multitracking, mixing, and simple
processing for them....I would suggest that Kai concentrate on ecasound
and ecawave. What's really important is the quality of the underlying


P.S. I've never used qtecasound.

Kai Vehmanen wrote:
> In 1.7.x development plan, you'll find 'qtecasound - major improvements´.
> But so far little has happened. The biggest problem is that I'm not really
> sure, what qtecasound should be like. Currently, it doesn't add much to
> ecasound's ia-mode. Some might even say it's more difficult to use.
> Another problem is that I don't use it myself anymore. At the moment,
> console-mode ecasound and ecawave are enough for my purposes. I know many
> people would like to see qtecasound with an interface something like
> Cakewalk or Acid. This would be great, I admit, but it won't happen
> overnight. Writing a full-blown GUI, is always a _big_ project.
> So, now I'd like to hear your opinion? Should I spend time on improving
> the current qtecasound interface, or should I redesign the whole thing?
> What kind of interface you'd like to have? Do you use qtecasound? What
> things you find most difficult to do with the console mode interface?
> This is important question, because nowadays I have to share my time
> between ecasound, qtecasound and ecawave. I can only work on one project
> at a time.
> PS If you don't like writing to the list, reply privately.
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