[ecasound] future of qtecasound?

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Subject: [ecasound] future of qtecasound?
From: Kai Vehmanen (k@eca.cx)
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 00:04:54 EEST

In 1.7.x development plan, you'll find 'qtecasound - major improvements´.
But so far little has happened. The biggest problem is that I'm not really
sure, what qtecasound should be like. Currently, it doesn't add much to
ecasound's ia-mode. Some might even say it's more difficult to use.

Another problem is that I don't use it myself anymore. At the moment,
console-mode ecasound and ecawave are enough for my purposes. I know many
people would like to see qtecasound with an interface something like
Cakewalk or Acid. This would be great, I admit, but it won't happen
overnight. Writing a full-blown GUI, is always a _big_ project.

So, now I'd like to hear your opinion? Should I spend time on improving
the current qtecasound interface, or should I redesign the whole thing?
What kind of interface you'd like to have? Do you use qtecasound? What
things you find most difficult to do with the console mode interface?

This is important question, because nowadays I have to share my time
between ecasound, qtecasound and ecawave. I can only work on one project
at a time.

PS If you don't like writing to the list, reply privately.

Kai Vehmanen <k@eca.cx> ---------------- CS, University of Turku .
 . audio software for linux ...	http://www.eca.cx 		 .
 . armchair-tunes mp3/wav/ra .. http://www.wakkanet.fi/sculpcave .

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